Autofrettage Seal

Autofrettage seal design example

Autofrettage is a necessary step in the seal design production process for pressure-retaining vessels in which enormously high pressure is used to plastically yield internal portions of the part to produce internal compressive residual stresses once the pressure is released.

This process increases the durability of high-pressure pump cylinders, gun barrels, diesel fuel injection systems, and downhole tubular components, to name a few.

Traditionally, one of the weak points has been the seal design of the plugs used to seal off the ports on the parts to enable the buildup to such ultra-high pressure levels. Working together with certain customers, American High Performance Seals, Inc., has developed a high-pressure seal specifically for the autofrettage process. This seal can be designed and manufactured to specifically match your plug sizes, and has been proven to reliably allow pressurization as high as 90,000 psi.

Need Seal Design for Your Autofrettage Sealing Application?

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