Reverse Engineering

Through the process of reverse engineering, AHP Seals can take seals that are obsolete or no longer available from the original manufacturer, analyze their design in detail, and construct new seals for our customers that serve the same purpose and meet the same needs. In many cases, due to new developments in materials, we can develop more durable seals that perform better and last longer than the original seals.

Success Stories:

Split Seals for Large Filtration Fan

A manufacturer of large filtration fans had a legacy product that used a particular split rotary shaft seal. When the manufacturer discontinued this large filtration fan product, one of its customers was left with many of these units in the field, but no way to replace the split rotary shaft seals when necessary.

American High Performance Seals worked with this end-user customer to develop a split rotary shaft seal that would work in their existing installed filtration fans. We assessed how this seal was designed to work and produced a split seal design that would work under the customer’s specific operating conditions.

Our design was able to retrofit to all the units that were already in use in the field. The seals were tested and approved, and our customer was able to make the change without interrupting production or making an expensive investment in new filtration fans.

Extending the Life of Seals in a Plunger Pump

An end user was having issues with premature failure of the seals in their plunger pump that was pumping a viscous fluid. The seals were being worn out due to the abrasive nature of the media.

The end user was advised by the pump manufacturer that this situation was unavoidable with abrasive media. The end user, however, was not convinced and turned to American High Performance Seals for a second opinion.

We modified the seal design and sampled two different abrasion-resistant materials that were suitable for the media.  Both materials took the pump past the planned maintenance period.  For the last 5 years, the end user has been using our seal with an extended planned maintenance interval.