In many industries, the equipment is getting bigger, the operating conditions are becoming more severe, the pool of industry experts is getting smaller, and more is expected from moving and rotation equipment.  To achieve this, the seals need to keep up with the demand of the industry.

Seal Development Process
American High Performance Seals stays ahead of industry developments by analyzing the trends for new and increased equipment demands.  We then consider what these trends mean for seal requirements and develop new seal designs in advance to meet these needs.

Our new designs include a patented pressure balance seal, with multiple variants that include high PV seals, HPHT seals, ultra-high-pressure seals, and low-friction seals.

Material Development
American High Performance Seals monitors new materials in the industry, and also works with third-party partners to develop new materials or new compounds that meet an unfulfilled need in the industry. We frequently partner with existing customers to test new materials on existing seal profiles.

In-House Testing Capabilities
We have seal testing equipment at our Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based headquarters where we can conduct testing under various operating conditions, including pressure, surface speed, and temperature, to ensure every new seal design meets its required specifications. Some of our testing capabilities include:

  • Dynamic seal testing
  • Static seal testing
  • Wear testing
  • Endurance testing
  • Extrusion-resistance testing
  • Torque measurement
  • Seal lip load testing
  • Material compatibility

Quality Assurance
American High Performance Seals has specific quality procedures in place to ensure every seal that leaves our building meets our stringent quality expectations. We comply with ISO-9001 standards for quality management.