High-Performance Rod Sealing Systems

For linear, dynamic sealing applications

To achieve the best dynamic sealing performance, the following needs to be taken into consideration: 


When the rod extends past the rod seal, a thin film of oil remains on the rod trapped in microscopic surface imperfections. The thickness of the oil film depends on the surface finish, rod seal design and surface speed of the rod. During the return stroke, this thin film can be removed by an aggressive wiper lip, resulting in system leakage.  Therefore, it is important to properly pair the wiper and the rod seal to minimize leakage and to achieve the best dynamic sealing performance. The properly selected sealing components comprise a sealing system. Some examples are listed below.

High-Performance Rod Sealing Systems:

Sealing System 1

Dynamic seal sealing system 1



  • Driest rod sealing
  • Best dirt removal
  • Long service life

Sealing System 2

Dynamic seal sealing system 2



  • Dry rod sealing
  • Best dirt removal
  • Long service life

Sealing System 3

Dynamic seal sealing system 3



  • Good low and high pressure sealing
  • Good dirt removal
  • Economic sealing system

Sealing System  4

Dynamic seal sealing system 4



  • Most economic sealing system
  • Good high pressure sealing
  • Good dirt removal
  • Long service life

Application-Specific High-Performance Sealing Systems:

To provide the best sealing performance, the sealing system approach must be applied to all sealing applications, including servicing the following applications:

  • Position Sensing Cylinders
  • Truck Dump Cylinders
  • Motion Converting Cylinders
  • Shock Absorbing Cylinders
  • Pressure Intensifying Cylinders
  • Elevator Lift Cylinders
  • Telescopic Cylinders
  • Longwall Shield Cylinders
  • Tunnel Boring Gripper Cylinders

For your specific sealing needs, please contact engineering to help you in specifying a sealing system that’s best for your application.

Specific Seal Categories for Sealing Systems:


Straight wiper lips

Beveled wiper lips

Double lip wipers with straight wiper lip

Rod Seals

Long-life rod seals

Long-life double lip rod seals

Double lip, energized rod seal

Buffer seal

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*Maximum values depend on seal material, seal configuration, media, temperatures, pressures, surface speed, dynamic running surface finish and working environment.  Data provided are guidelines for ideal operating conditions.  Seals cannot be operated at their upper pressure and speed ratings at the same time.  For maximum seal life expectancy, do not operate your seal beyond 75% of any of its operating limits. Please consult engineering or call 1-800-283-7140 for advice.

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