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Hydro Dam
Seal for Large Diameter Turbine

American High Performance Seals offers the hydropower industry technologically advanced sealing solutions that overcome the shortfalls that have been experienced with traditional rubber seals. These seals incorporate:


  • Advanced high-performance thermoplastic sealing materials that have as much as five times the wear and abrasion resistance of traditional rubber elastomers.
  • Optimized seal lip geometry designed for a precisely controlled sealing contact between seal lip and mating sealing surface over the lifetime of the seal reducing wear and extending seal life.

These seals have been developed in collaboration with Seal Maker® of Austria and are used worldwide by major OEMs and power plant operators for new installations or as upgrade replacement seals.


Abrasion Resistance of Seal Materials

Turbine Seals:

Guide Vane Seals for Kaplan and Francis Turbines

Guide vanes can be found in Kaplan turbines as well as in Francis turbines. Their main function is to convert the pressure energy of the water into momentum energy. They also direct the water flow at the optimum angles to the runner blades. Only slow pivoting movement is taking place.

A trouble-free operation of the guide vanes is essential to ensure optimum performance of the turbine; therefore, the proper sealing system is a key factor. Usually, approximately 20 guide vanes per turbine can be found; however, this number depends on size, design and other factors.

Large Diameter Seals for Guide Vane

Guide Vane – Verbund ©

Sealing solutions

The pivoting and vibrating motion that guide vane seals experience calls for uni-directional seals. Our seals are specifically designed and optimized for this application.

Sealing profiles for guide vanes:

Low Friction Guide Vane Lip Seal


Positive Load Guide Vane Lip Seal


Self-Energized Packing Guide Vane Seal


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Kaplan Rotor Blade Seals

Movable rotor blades can only be found in Kaplan turbines. Typically, there are 3-8 rotor blades on a Kaplan turbine with a trunnion diameter to be sealed from approximately 300mm to 1500mm.
In order to ensure a smooth and efficient operation, a well-coordinated sealing system is required. Increasingly stricter environmental regulations also call for an increasingly improved sealing system.

Positive Load Kaplan Rotor Blade Lip Seal

Sealing solutions

Kaplan Rotor Blade seals have the dual function of ensuring zero leakage of the oil and zero entrance of the water into the turbine.  This means the seals must be both oil and water compatible and able to perform the dual sealing function in the smaller irregular installation spaces. Our optimized, double-acting rotor blade seals are designed to fit in new or pre-existing seal housings and are available within 1-3 weeks.

Sealing profiles for Kaplan Rotor Blades:

Low Friction Kaplan Rotor Blade Lip Seal


Self- Energized Packing Kaplan Rotor Blade Lip Seal


Spherical Valve for Turbine Inlet and Pumps


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Valve Seals:

Seals for Spherical Valve

Typically, spherical valves are used as turbine inlet and pump valves for higher design pressures (up to 200 bar, 2900psi). The mobile ring is thereby operated by oil and/or water pressure. The sealing system on the mobile ring as well as on the trunnion is most important to ensure the proper functioning of the valve. The valve diameter can be up to approx. 8 Meter.

Bore Sealing low Friction Spherical Valve Seal

Sealing solutions

Seals for spherical valves face numerous challenges.  The seals must be able to compensate for some large deformations and misalignments of the mobile rings; yet, at the same time, fit in small installation spaces, retain dimensional stability under pressure and resist twisting during seal installation. We offer several optimized seal designs to accomplish this challenging task.

Sealing profiles for spherical valve seals:

Positive Load Bore Sealing Spherical Valve Seal


Large Misalignment Bore Sealing Spherical Valve Seal


Rod Sealing low Friction Spherical Valve Seal


Positive Load Rod Sealing Spherical Valve Lip Seal


Butterfly Valve for inlet, pump and Safety valve applications


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Seals for Butterfly Valve

Butterfly valves are primarily used as safety valves, turbine inlet and pump valves for low to medium design pressures (up to 65 bar).
In this regard, the seal is installed directly onto the valve flap. Depending on the butterfly design (trunnion in the center or trunnion off-center), we provide seal designs both endless or split depending on the application or customer needs.

Large Misalignment Bore Sealing Butterfly Valve Seal

Sealing solutions

Butterfly valve seals must be of compact design, yet retain high dimensional stability under pressure, and resist twisting during both installation and operation. Our seals are specifically designed for this application.

Sealing profiles:

Positive Load Bore Sealing Spherical Valve Seal


Rod Sealing low Friction Butterfly Valve Seal


Positive Load Rod Sealing Butterfly Valve Lip Seal


Positive Load Guide Vane Lip Seal


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