Storage Instructions

The effects of oxygen, ozone, heat, humidity, and solvents, among other factors, can considerably reduce the working life of seals.

It is recommended that the following points be considered when storing your seals:

  • Storage areas should be kept cool, dry, dust free, and moderately ventilated
  • The temperature should be between 14 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Any radiators or lighting tubes are to be isolated, and not within three feet of stored products
  • The optimum humidity is 40 to 65 percent
  • Ensure products are protected from light sources emitting ultraviolet rays
  • No solvents, fuels, lubricants or cleaning agents, or similar products, are to be stored in the same area
  • Do not store products in a deformed state, or with lateral loads, or with bending, as this can be damaging
  • Do not hang seals on hooks as this will introduce a permanent set