F201, or Kalrez®, by DuPont, is made from a Perfluoroelastomer possessing exceptional resistance to degradation by aggressive fluids and gases. Kalrez® combines the high-temperature resistance of a Fluorocarbon Elastomer (such as Viton®) with the chemical inertness of PTFE.
Kalrez® provides long term service in virtually all chemical and petrochemical process streams. Kalrez® parts are offered in several compounds with varying tensile, elongation, hardness, compression set and temperature range. Kalrez® is used for severe chemical exposure and high temperatures and in oil exploration and refining for chemical processing and transportation. Because of its high cost, Kalrez® is generally used only when no other elastomer is appropriate.

Kalrez® should not be exposed to molten or gaseous alkali metals (sodium). It also can significantly swell upon exposure to some fluorinated solvents, fully halogenated freons, and uranium hexafluoride.

Temperature Range: -40°F to 500°F (-40°C to 260°C)