P104 is a high-performance polyurethane similar to P101 except that it is modified with the incorporation of solid lubricants for reduced break-out force and stick-slip in hydraulic systems that are pressurized under static conditions. Its engineering properties include high resistance to wear and abrasion, as well as high pressure and pressure spikes.

It is resistant to mineral oil-based fluids, fire-resistant water-based hydraulic fluids including HFA and HFB, sea water, biodegradable fluids, hydrolysis and micro-organisms, vegetable oils, bio-diesels, and most modern hydraulic fluids.

P104 is recommended for use in water hydraulics, mining, industrial hydraulics, mineral oil-based fluids and biodegradable hydraulic fluids for lip seals, compact rod and piston seals, wipers, vee-packings and for special sealing applications where improved performance and service life are important.

Temperature Range: -22°F to 257°F (-30°C to 125°C)