Supreme medium-pressure single-lip rotary shaft seal 

Medium-pressure single-lip oil seal with integrated seal lip support and proprietary blends of PTFE bonded onto the dynamic sealing lip.

The combination of integrated lip support, reduced lip load, premium Duralast™ material, and low friction PTFE lip leads to reduced friction, lower heat build up and wear; this in turn results in increased seal life under higher pressures and speeds.  This allows the seal to handle higher operating pressure.  The rubber-covered OD of the seal creates a tight seal with the housing bore, and the press-in fitment design accommodates housings with short axial space requirements.  For dirty, dusty or polluted environments, our ASHP5 style with additional dust lip should be used.

Operating Range
MaterialContinuous PressureMax. Pressure SpikeTemperatureSurface SpeedDry-runPV-Rating
Fluoroelastomer (FKM), Viton®/PTFE150psi (10.3bar)300psi (20.7bar)-40 to 400°F (-40 to 200°C)Up to 7,000 fpm (35m/s)YES7
NBR/PTFE150psi (10.3bar)300psi (20.7bar)-40 to 230°F (-40 to 110°C)Up to 5,000 fpm (25m/s)YES5
Size Table (Inch)Standard sizes listed below are preferred sizes for new design applications; however, we offer any other seal size as required. Seals are available for any shaft diameter size in 0.001 inch increments, including Functional Range.
Shaft Diameter
Bore Diameter
B Diameter
Tol. +/- 0.010
Standard RangeFunctional RangeToleranceD=ToleranceB=Tol. +0.010/-0 min.max.
0.750-2.999"0.750 - 31.000"+/-0.0037/16A + 0.875+/-.001A + 0.1000.4500.383
3.000 - 5.999"0.750 - 31.000"+/-0.0041/2A + 1.000+/-.0015A + 0.2000.5120.4250.0900.030
6.000 - 13.999"1.000 - 31.000"+/-0.0055/8A + 1.250+/-.002A + 0.2000.6370.5300.1300.030
14.000 - 30.999"2.000 - 31.000"+/-0.0063/4A + 1.500+/-.003A + 0.2200.6370.5300.1500.030
31.000 - 63.000"
consult with AHPSeals engineering
*Standard cross-sections (CS) listed and non-standard sizes can be provided for any shaft size up to 63 inches. Seal retaining plate for pressures above 7 psi recommended. Surface finish: Shaft (A) plunge ground, zero lead, Ra 8-16µin for rubber seal lip, Ra 6-12µin for PTFE seal lip. Housing (D,L) Ra 32-63µin, shaft material hardness 55-65RC. See Technical Info for more specific information.

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