Metal-cased high-pressure fluoropolymer rotary shaft seal

This seal design incorporates an anti-extrusion and support ring for the seal lip making it capable of handling high pressures. This design creates very low parasitic friction under load and adds much lower heat generation than most seal designs.  It is typically used to provide a low leak solution for hydrostatic transmissions and high-pressure rotary equipment.  It is capable of sealing pressure at higher speeds, both lubricated and unlubricated.

Operating Range
MaterialContinuous PressureMax.Pressure SpikeTemperatureSurface SpeedApplicationDry-runPV-Rating
Permachem 6233500psi (35bar)750psi (50bar)-80 to 400°F (-60 to 200°C)Up to 5,000 fpm (25m/s)standard oil lubrication, high waterbased fluidsYES10
Permachem 6235500psi (35bar)750psi (50bar)-80 to 400°F (-60 to 200°C)Up to 5,000 fpm (25m/s)Soft shaft material, gaseous media, FDA compliantYES10
Duraloy 4736500psi (35bar)750psi (50bar)-80 to 400°F (-60 to 200°C)Up to 5,000 fpm (25m/s)low wear and abrasion, long service lifeYES10
Size Table (Inch)Standard sizes listed below are preferred sizes for new design applications; however, we offer any other seal size as required. Seals are available for any shaft diameter size in 0.001 inch increments, including Functional Range.
Shaft Diameter
Bore Diameter
wiper lip +/- 0.010
wiper lip +/- 0.010
Standard RangeFunctional RangeTolerance*D=ToleranceB=
0.315 - 0.999"0.315 - 5.000"+/-0.0031/4A + 0.500+/-.001A + 0.030A + 0.1200.3250.2650.0700.020
1.000 - 5.999"0.315 - 18.000"+/-0.0033/8A + 0.750+/-.001A + 0.030A + 0.1200.3250.2650.0850.020
6.000 - 15.999"0.500 - 26.000"+/-0.0041/2A + 1.000+/-.002A + 0.035A + 0.1200.3750.3100.0900.030
16.000 - 25.999"0.500 - 26.000"+/-0.0065/8A + 1.250+/-.003A + 0.040A + 0.1200.5120.4250.1000.030
26.000 - 63.000"consult with Ahpseals engineering
*Standard cross-sections (CS) listed and non-standard sizes can be provided for any shaft size up to 63 inches.Surface finish: Shaft (A) plunge ground, zero lead Ra 6-12µin - Housing (D,L) Ra max. 32µin - Shaft material hardness 55-65RC. Use of installation tool is highly recommended. See Technical Info for more specific information.

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