Split, double-lip oil seal

Split double-lip oil seal with a solid rubber construction

The optimized seal lip design uses a garter spring to maintain a constant radial lip load, thus ensuring optimum sealability.  The secondary lip serves as both effective protection against airside contaminants and as a lube retainer.  Maximum service life can be achieved by applying a suitable lubricant between the two sealing lips.  Seal is split for easy on-site installation with a minimum of equipment dismantling.  Normally, R10 is used for original equipment build and R10S for onsite replacement.  This style is available in a wide range of elastomers and small quantities for repairs and seal replacement and can be shipped in 1 to 3 days

Operating Range
MaterialContinuous PressureTemperatureSurface Speed
N101No Pressure-13 to 212°F (-25 to 100°C)Up to 1,800 fpm (9m/s)
N102No Pressure-13 to 302°F (-25 to 150°C)Up to 2,800 fpm (14m/s)
V101No Pressure-4 to 392°F (-20 to 200°C)Up to 4,000 fpm (20m/s)
Size Table (Inch)Standard sizes listed below are preferred sizes for new design applications; however, we offer any other seal size as required. Seals are available for any shaft diameter size in 0.001 inch increments, including functional range.
Shaft Diameter
Bore Diameter
Tol. +/- 0.010
Standard RangeFunctional RangeTolerancesectionD=ToleranceB=Tol. +0.010/-0
0.250 - 1.499"0.250 - 8.000"+/-0.0033/8A + 0.750+/-.001A + 0.0600.3870.3000.0600.020
1.500 - 7.999"0.500 - 15.000"+/-0.0041/2A + 1.000+/-.0015A + 0.0800.5120.4250.0900.030
8.000 - 15.999"1.250 - 63.000"+/-0.0055/8A + 1.250+/-.002A + 0.0800.6370.5300.1300.030
16.000 - 30.999"2.500 - 63.000"+/-0.0063/4A + 1.500+/-.003A + 0.0800.6370.5300.1500.030
31.000 - 63.000"consult with Ahpseals engineering
*Standard cross-sections (CS) listed and non-standard sizes can be provided for any shaft size up to 63 inches. Seal retaining plat is recommended for split seals or ressures above 3psi. Surface finish: Shaft (A) plunge ground, zero lead, Ra 8-16µin Housing (D,L) Ra 32-63µin. Shaft material hardness min. C45. See Technical Info for more specific information.

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