Medium-pressure double-lip oil seal  

Medium-pressure double-lip oil seal for press-in fitment, retaining device required to hold seal in place under pressure

The rubber OD provides better static sealing than metal.  The thermoplastic or optional metal reinforced design ensures concentric fitment and increased corrosion resistance over traditional seals.  Tight tolerance reinforcing ring enables this seal to operate at higher operating pressure.  Optimized seal lip design uses a garter spring to maintain a constant radial lip load, thus ensuring optimum sealability.  The secondary lip serves as both protection against airside contaminants and as a lube retainer.   Maximum service life can be achieved by applying a suitable lubricant between the two sealing lips.  Also available in small quantities for repairs and seal replacements within 1 to 3 days.

Operating Range
MaterialContinuous PressureMax.Pressure SpikeTemperatureSurface SpeedDry-runPV-Rating
V10160psi (4.1bar)150psi (10bar)-4 to 392°F (-20 to 200°C)Up to 1,800 fpm (9m/s)NO1.8
N10260psi (4.1bar)150psi (10bar)-13 to 302°F (-25 to 150°C)Up to 1,300 fpm (6.5m/s)NO1.4
N10160psi (4.1bar)150psi (10bar)-13 to 212°F (-25 to 100°C)Up to 1,000 fpm (5m/s)NO0.9
Size Table (Inch)Standard sizes listed below are preferred sizes for new design applications; however, we offer any other seal size as required.Seals are available for any shaft diameter size in 0.001 inch increments, including Functional Range.
Shaft Diameter
Bore Diameter
B Diameter
Tol. +/-0.010
Standard RangeFunctional RangeTolerance*D=ToleranceB=Tol. +0.010/-0 min.max.
0.200-0.599"0.200 - 5.000"+/-0.0033/16A + 0.375+/-.001A + 0.1000.2100.1800.0400.020
0.600-1.299"0.200 - 6.000"
A + 0.500
A + 0.150
1.300 - 2.299"0.200 - 8.000"+/-0.003
5/16A + 0.625+/-.001A + 0.1600.2600.2100.0500.020
2.300 - 3.299"0.250 - 10.000"+/-0.0033/8A + 0.750+/-.001A + 0.1700.3100.2650.0600.020
3.300 - 7.999"0.250 - 15.000"+/-0.0041/2A + 1.000+/-.0015A + 0.2000.4100.3500.0900.030
8.000 - 15.999"0.250 - 63.000"+/-0.0053/4A + 1.500+/-.002A + 0.2000.5100.4300.1300.030
16.000 - 63.000"consult with Ahpseals engineering
*Standard cross-sections (CS) listed and non-standard sizes can be provided for any shaft size up to 63 inches. Seal retaining plate for ressures above 7 psi recommended. Surface finish: Shaft (A) plunge ground, zero lead, Ra 8-16µin for rubber seal lip, Ra 6-12µin for PTFE seal lip. Housing (D,L) Ra 32-63µin, shaft material hardness 55-65RC. See Technical Info for more specific information.

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