S101 is a Methyl Silicone Rubber, commonly referred to as Silicone. S101 is an elastomer which remains flexible at very low temperatures. It can withstand continuous heating at 410°F (210°C) without hardening, making S101 suitable for high- and low-temperature applications. Silicone rubbers have poor mechanical properties and abrasion resistance. They are, therefore, mainly used for static sealing applications and are not recommended for dynamic applications.

S101 also has excellent weathering, ozone and aging properties. Silicones are highly permeable to gases, and are generally not recommended for exposure to ketones, concentrated acids, or steam. Silicone swells considerably in aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbon fluids and, for that reason, should be considered non-resistant to petroleum oils. Also, it can be used in high aniline point oils.

Temperature Range: -67°F to 410°F (-55°C to 210°C)