T101 Teflon® virgin is a tough, high-temperature material offering the widest range of applications. Resistant to almost all chemicals (only solid alkalis can attack Teflon®), its very low coefficient of friction and high impact resistance make it suitable for a wide spectrum of chemical-exposure situations, with emphasis on temperature extremes.

T101 is used for spring-energized seals, V-packings, O-rings, back-up rings, valve seats and seals, and machined components used in the chemical industry, food processing equipment, pharmaceutical and medical industries, and other high-temperature and low-friction sealing applications. Particular care should be taken to avoid nicking or scratching Teflon® seals because imperfections will cause leakage. Over time, Virgin Teflon® has the tendency to cold flow under load or pressure. Therefore, filled Teflon® is required in critical sealing situations.

Temperature Range: -328°F to 500°F (-200°C to 260°C)