Txxx filled PTFE has improved mechanical properties over virgin PTFE T101. The influence of filler materials in PTFE results in an increase in mechanical strength, an increase in hardness, reduction of wear and/or friction, improvement in the flow strength, and an increase in thermal shape stability. The most common fillers are glass, carbon, graphite, bronze, nickel, MOS2, mica, and high-performance polymers and minerals.

Txxx is used for spring-energized seals, V-packings, O-rings, back-up rings, valve seats and seals, and machined components used in the chemical industry for processing equipment, for high temperature and for low friction sealing applications. Particular care should be taken to avoid nicking or scratching PTFE seals because imperfections will cause leakage.

Temperature Range: -328°F to 500°F (-200°C to 260°C)