The Features of the New High-Performance Rotary Seal for Challenging Applications

The SB40W seal has been designed to meet the ever-increasing demands for high pressure rotary seals. These seals are a double lipped spring energized seals with some very important features for critical applications.

High pressure – The dual lip seal design allows this high pressure rotary seal to have an operating pressure of 200 psi with maximum spike rating of 300 psi at low speeds.

High speed – Surface speeds of up to 3,500 fpm are possible with this seal at low pressures.

Runout – At low fpm the seal can accept runout as high as 0.020” due to the spring loaded primary lip design.

Sealability – Increased sealability due to optimized double lip design, especially under flooded conditions.

Positive static sealing of the bore – The design of the elastomeric anti-rotation device, not only eliminates seal rotation in the bore, but provides a long term positive seal of the bore. This is especially important where product build up is known to occur.

Does not damage soft housings – The soft outside diameter (OD) eliminates housing damage due to seal insertion and removal. This is especially advantageous when housing bore is a stainless, duplex or an exotic overlay.

Wide range of material options – The seal construction allows us to best match the materials to meet the challenges your product presents, be they chemical, thermal or product instability. There are FDA compliant options available as well as grades with wide chemical resistance; water applications, dry running and fire-resistant fluids.

High pressure rotary seals example

Want to Know More About the New High-Performance Rotary Seal?

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