The Race to One Million PV in High Pressure Seals

As equipment requires higher and higher speeds and pressures, the race to one million PV is on. Critical to this is the ability for a seal to handle higher and higher PVs.


Traditionally, contact seals have maxed out at 250,000 PV; however, we have recognized that if we are to aid our customers in winning this race, we need a new approach to seal design.


Currently, we have developed high pressure seals that are helping certain customers with very specific applications get higher PVs than were previously possible as they push ahead in this race.


There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution. However, for many applications, a partnership development approach is successful when designing a sealing solution that works in that specific application. This approach involves an all-encompassing design approach that covers hardware design and materials, as well as fluid and seal matching.


Are you one of the cutting-edge companies that are looking to get ahead in the PV race? Contact our engineering department to start the high pressure seal development process.

High Pressure Rotary Shaft Seal

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